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It’s been two weeks since we landed in Guatemala and there is already so much I could say about this country, it’s people and our ministry. 

On our very first night, h-squad was spending the night together for a brief orientation before dispersing to our various ministries around the country. We were told that on the rooftop of our house you could view the active volcano named Fuego off in the distance and, if the night was clear, you could see it erupting. We all ran to the rooftop as our meeting ended hoping to catch a glimpse of the erupting volcano. As we waited with expectation, we sang the song Way Maker and started chanting, “OK, POP OFF FUEGO!!”. The stars were starting to come out and we were also on the lookout and asking the Lord to show us some shooting stars. With our eyes fixed to the heavens, we waited and worshipped. Then all of a sudden….BOOOOOM. Eruption. As the volcano erupted before our eyes, our screams seemed to erupt even bigger. Right as the Fuego went off, the biggest shooting star I’ve ever seen shot off right over the flames. The screams got even louder, the jumping started and the tears flowed. We were in total and complete awe and wonder. Lord, you are so so good to us. 

As the cheering quieted and we stood in shock, still singing Way Maker. The words rang out, “Even when I don’t see it, you’re working. Even when I don’t feel it, you’re working. You never stop, you never stop working.” My pal Sierra spoke up and made the point that the erupting volcano Fuego is a beautiful picture of those very words we were singing. God is always moving and always working, just like there is always fire brewing on the inside of that volcano. Sometimes we see tangible glimpses of his power moving on earth, much like the eruption. But sometimes we need to stand here in faith and hope, praying to see it but trusting that even if we don’t, we still know God is on the move and we can still worship Him for who He is. I have thought back to that word multiple times this month and have prayed it over this country and it’s people as I go about ministering in Guatemala. God is on the move and we can stand in faith that an eruption is coming.  

This month I am doing life with team Gracefully Broken and we are serving Casa Guatemala in the town of Mixco with pastor Alex Garcia. Alex has a heart of humility and his goal in life is to love and serve people like Jesus did, this includes going after those who society would ignore or reject. Alex’s wife Clarita and his 4 incredible daughters are some of the sweetest, most warm and hospitable people I have ever met. Alex’s sweet and caring mother, Maria, lives in the home we are staying at and cooks us yummy Guatemalan food every day and teaches us Spanish. Our interpreter and fast friend, Frank, has the biggest heart of service and is so deeply led by Holy Spirit. To say we are blessed to receive such a powerful and loving host family is an absolute understatement. 

Our work with Casa Guatemala has held a lot of variety. We help serve at Friday night church service, we worship and evangelize in the main park, we do home visits in order to pray over families and provide them with some basic needs, and we prepare for and hold children’s events in the neighborhoods we are ministering in. 

Over and over again God has proved that He is on the move in Guatemala. I have seen Him pop off multiple times and DANG those flames are bright. Jesus is already here and I simply have the privilege to partner with Him in what He’s up to. My prayer is that the Fuego (fire) of God would continue to erupt over this country with new flames and a new outpouring.

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  1. CAMI!!! So many of the prophets are speaking of the earthquakes, sudden booms, which we have heard ourselves, and new eruptions of volcanoes!!! When I saw that you and the team were in Guatemala I was soooo excited for you. The wonders and miracles you are going to see in “such a time as this”. Prayers and blessings over you, your team and all that the Lord has planned. I love you <3!!! Aunt Michele

  2. Always Amazing Cam! I love how you are experiencing so many vital passionate ministries around the world in faithful service in the kingdom!

  3. I am so glad you are having such a great experience. I can’t wait to see you!! Love you!

  4. Cami! That is so good! So God! I love pop off! Your smile too! You are in “your place”!

  5. What experiences and memories you are creating. I admire your servants heart. The shooting star story is amazing. In prayer for you and your team.

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