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fullness // what’s next


I am currently writing this from seat 19F flying over what looks like Kentucky (according to my GPS) at 36,000ft. I just spent close to 3 weeks in Ohio to celebrate my best friend Jen’s wedding and now I am heading to Honduras for another 3 weeks to finish out my time on the field with h-squad. 

When people back home have asked me how my time has been on the field these last 5 months I can boil it down to one word : fullness. When we launched back in January, I ordered a Key for the Journey; at necklace that has a prophetic word inscribed on it made and prayed over by a staff member at AIM. If that sounds at all familiar to you, its because I have already had some really cool God stories from giving and receiving these keys back on my race in 2018. You can read about one of those stories by clicking here! So naturally I was very excited to receive my key at launch to see what God would show me through this one in this new season of squad leading. I pulled it out of its package and it shows the word fullness. “Oh thats fun!” I thought. Little did I know that I was entering into one of the fullest seasons of my life! 

There have been multiple times over the last 5 months where I have said either out loud or to myself that I feel like I am living in the fullness of my purpose. Everything I love about life, all my passions and all the things that make me come alive are wrapped up in one beautiful gift that God is holding out for me to open each and every day. Whether thats discipleship, worship, imparting wisdom, teaching, traveling to new places, sitting with people as they learn about who God is and seeing their lives be changed for Jesus, watching the ways God is working around the world, and partnering with him in what he is doing on earth. 

There’s no doubt that squad leading has had its ups and downs. I have learned that leading people comes with a cost. Many times it looks like swallowing my pride, taking the high road, and emptying myself in order to pour out to those I am leading. But I have found that every time I am being emptied out, I somehow still have more to give. I believe that is because I am being filled up continually by the Father with a supernatural capacity to overflow! 

In February I was standing on the shore of Costa Rica looking out over the water and thanking God for this season of fullness I was in and wishing I could do this (or something like this) forever. A few days later, I got a call from my squad mentor, Fran. She informed me that there were a few squad mentor positions opening up at Adventures in Missions and she wanted me to pray about applying and interviewing for it. WHAT?! It was almost an immediate answer to my prayer and the desire for more that God was putting in my heart. 

I knew immediately that God was in this so I took the leap of faith. I applied, interviewed, got an offer and accepted a position as a squad mentor. What’s a squad mentor, you ask? A squad mentor is a full time missionary and staff member at Adventures in Missions (the non-profit that the world race is ran through). Squad mentors work at the base in Gainesville, Georgia and lead a squad from the States, going out to visit them every few months to teach, train, and equip them to be on the field for their 11 months bringing Kingdom to earth.  If you have read my blogs over the years you have heard me mention Fran. She was the mentor of my first squad, n-squad and she is the mentor for h-squad now. She has had such a powerful impact on my life and is a huge reason why I am here in this season now. She saw me and called things up out of me that I didn’t know were there and has been used by the Lord to lead, guide and direct me towards discovering more of God and more of my calling. And what she has done for me and hundreds of people like me, I get to do for others now. I get to continue living in the fullness of my calling. 

What does this mean for me? // prayer requests 

1. Moving. In June I will be moving to Gainesville, Georgia. BIG MOVE FOR CAM. Being away from home (Ohio) and traveling from country to country on the race feels a lot different than planting myself in another state for an indefinite amount of time. There is no end date for this position in sight like there has been for me up to this point. I am here until God moves me. Please pray for peace and comfort during this transition! 

2. K-squad. As a mentor, each year I will get a new squad to lead. My first squad as a mentor is K-squad, a group of 30ish young adults who have said yes to the pacific rim route. Check them out here! They launch THIS August so please be praying for them as they prepare their hearts, minds, spirits and bodies for the yes they have given the Lord. 

3. H-squad. H still has 6 months left of their race and I will continue to pray and support them as their alumni squad leader from the States. I will finish out my commitment to them by going to their debriefs until they finish in November. This means I will be a part of 2 squads at the same time for a few months. Prayers for that would be much appreciated! Please pray for them that the Lord would fill them up with a double portion of strength to continue on their mission.

4. Fundraising. Accepting this position is another step of faith financially. I have raised close to $30,000 since I started my ministry with the world race in 2018. I have seen God provide for me over and over again. Now I get another opportunity to see Him do that again but on an even larger scale. I am a full-time missionary now (crazy to say). So I am responsible for raising 25k each year to fund part of my salary. In order to do this, I am looking to build a team of monthly partners to get me to around 2k of support each month. I would like to invite anyone reading this to join me in what God is doing in the hearts of this generation and what he is doing through them around the world.

I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am that God has led me to this season of fullness. It feels like yesterday I was a college grad who couldn’t tell you what I wanted to do with my life or what I was even passionate about besides God, family and friends. And now I am going on 26 and over the last 3 years God has helped me discover who I was made to be and what I am made to do. Thanks God! 

For those who have journeyed with me over the years, thank you for hanging with me and thanks for continuing with me on yet another adventure with the Lord. If you are just joining, hit the subscribe button on my home page and add your email to get ministry updates! 

Much love, 



  1. YAY CAM! So excited for you 🙂 heard you had applied so when I saw you sent an email for your blog I couldn’t click fast enough 🙂 you will be so great at this! Proud of you for taking this step of faith!!!

  2. Words can not express the overwhelming blessing you are to Dad and I and so many other people too! We will always be your biggest fans! Count us in for monthly support!

  3. Cami!! What a gift to the Adventures Staff community that you’ll be joining us! Congrats! Can’t wait to have you here as a part of our community!

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