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April has been a fun month and God has been doing a lot within me during its course. I spent April with some really great people. I got to live life with team Fuente De Vida serving an organization called Love Serve. We lived in a house with Craig and Carol, a couple who has a HUGE heart for people. They partnered us with the Misteco family who do a variety of different projects in their community. They are a family of 11 who were the most welcoming, hospitable and loving group of people. With them, we did manual labor, served in a soup kitchen and did kids club. Below are some photos from ministry this past month! 

At the beginning of April, I said my goodbyes to the previous team and ministry I was with and I jumped right in with Fuente. That transition is always a bittersweet one for me and takes me some time to adjust to but these gals welcomed me with open arms. 

Through the course of the month I learned a lot from Fuente De Vida. First off, I learned how to mix cement properly, it’s a tactic called the jab plop jiggle. I would highly recommend this team for any construction needs you may have, FDV Construction Co at your service! We not only mixed cement but we built columns, bent some rebar, stained wood, dug ditches and more! I also learned the power of flexibility from this team. About a week into my time with them, we hit some minor setbacks and found ourselves in a week long quarantine! The way that this team handled that with so much grace, flexibility and fun was astounding. We made a quarantine bucket list and made the most of our time together. I watched these ladies walk with open hands through not only the quarantine but also the announcement of team changes. They chose into each challenge they faced and walked through it with so much grace. I learned many new dances on Just Dance. I also learned how to properly smoke them in spicy uno. I learned that their alternative team names were either Beams of Hope orrrr Winds of Radiance. I learned how to make some bomb, boujee ego waffles. I learned how to tap into my adventurous/dreamy/spontaneous side. The list can go on and on but the lessons learned from and the memories made with this team I will never forget.

From left to right : Chelsea; a woman who walks with true enthusiasm for life and more importantly, for Jesus and whose nature filled each room with laughter. Macy; a woman who chooses joy in all she does and whose smile and kind words brought a lot of comfort to me this month! KK; a woman who serves like Jesus does, in humility, love and selflessness (unless she is playing spicy uno then watch out). Amanda; a woman who is true to herself, carries so much authority and whose words and prayers blessed me in more ways than she knows! Hailey; a woman whos gentleness and kindness brings a heavenly peace and a natural leader who walks in a lot of strength. Last but not least MK; a woman who is a loyal friend that loves deeply, walks in self awareness and is a JOY to be around just as she is (especially when she is giggling words you can’t understand whatsoever). 

There is this thing that Fuente De Vida refers to as Fuente favor; a remarkable amount of favor they seem to have from the Lord. Yes, they have the favor of the Lord all over them for sure. But I do believe that sometimes it’s our perspective that either causes us to choose to see the favor that God gives or prevents us from seeing all the ways he is moving around us. This is a team that chooses to see God’s favor over them despite challenging circumstances around them. They walk with a perspective that sees heaven all around them! 

Fuente, thank you for loving me so well this month. Thank you for loving Craig, Carol and the Mistecos. Thank you for your honor, flexibility, and heavenly perspective. Thank you for your servant hearts. Thank you for living up to your name and being a fountain of life, spilling over onto everyone that you encounter. Thank you for the many laughs and memories made! I love you all! 



  1. Cami, you are so blessed! The experiences you are living is beyond my imagination. God is soo good and you are the perfect young lady to serve with your whole heart and soul. Stay safe, cherish each day! Love you! Mrs . K . Xoxo ????????

  2. So good Cami! I believe true favor is just as you said, seeing God in everything. One of my favorite lyrics states it best. “Every step so heavenly I fall and bounce right up! “

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Cami! It’s so encouraging to read! I’m sharing this blog with my supporters! Keep it up!

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