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gracefully broken

This month I have been so blessed to live with and do life and ministry with team Gracefully Broken. We have had a very busy month serving Casa Guatemala but the way that this team has jumped right in, remained flexible, and given the Kingdom their 100% is remarkable! 

During the month of March, as a team we read through the Gospel of Matthew together. In every chapter we were able to clearly see that the book was written for the ‘least of these’. Matthew was writing to Jews with the goal to express just how much Jesus cared about the orphans, the widows, the poor, the tax collectors, the sinners. He was a King who came to save the broken.

God gave this team so many beautiful opportunities to fully step into the name they set for themselves; gracefully broken. We got to walk into very broken places this month and to look at and love people the way that Jesus did. We were able to allow God to break our hearts for what broke His. We served a community of people that others have simply overlooked. Jesus doesn’t ignore or overlook these people and neither will we. We were all once broken, and now because of Jesus’ death and resurrection we are called by name, given an inheritance, and we get to own the identity of sons and daughters of the Most High King. And we get to be a part of helping people understand they can have that same gift no matter what their circumstance is. That’s Grace. That’s the gospel. 

Thank you Jesus for the cross. Thank you for the resurrection. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that empowers us to be your hands and feet on earth. 

May we continue to break. 

Without further ado, meet the GBs!

Meet Krista… she is a one of a kind human with a silly sense of humor and a HUGE heart. Krista you are a woman who has the biggest heart for the least of these. Because of this, I have seen you put others before yourself over and over again over the last month. Like when you willing carried a girl your size on your back so she can have fun, or in the way you have cared for Maria and made her feel included this month, or how you lit up when you saw a special needs girl at church, or sat in the back of the B4A event because you were under the weather. You are always putting others before yourself and I love the way you reflect Jesus in that way! 


Meet Cayce… this picture sums up her goofy personality and the sister kinda relationship that was quickly created this month. Cayce, you walk in so much authority!! It’s your authority that changes atmospheres and gives your words the weight that they hold. I have seen the way you have recognized that authority and have pushed yourself to step out and walk in the gifts that God has given you. I have seen you over the course of the month own this and use it more and more for the kingdom of God! I am also proud of the way you have not tried to use this authority and power for your own gain but every time you take it back to the cross and point it to Jesus. 


Meet Ashley… a God-fearing power house worshipper who loves Holy Spirit and is incredibly led by Him. Ashley, you are a woman who is passionate about growth, both spiritually and personally. You have a love for growth and I have seen you actively seeking to grow in so many ways in the last month. Whether that is going after freedom in your personal life and asking for prayer over those things, taking risks and stepping out in the areas that God is asking you to grow in, asking questions about what God is challenging you with or even bringing things to the team and challenging and pushing them towards growth as well. 


Meet Kelsie… this picture captures the love and care Kelsie shows to everyone she knows (yes thats my foot shes wrapping in a hot towel). Kelsie WOW SISTER you are such a servant. I have seen the way you have led in service this month through example. You are always looking for ways to jump in and help whether that is baking cheesecake, being the first one to do the dishes, or holding the key for the team and always being willing to be the one to walk to the gate and let them in. You reflect Jesus so evidently in the way you actively look to serve and love those around you. God’s heart is shown to others through your service! 


Meet Sierra… a sister, a friend, an incredible leader. Sierra, you are such a woman of Intentionality. I love watching you in conversations with people because when they are talking it’s like they are the only one in the room. You make space and room for others to share their hearts in group settings and you remember what they shared by asking follow up questions later to check in. This quality really makes people feel seen and known and safe to be themselves. 

GBs– Love you all so much. Thanks for making this month one for the books!



  1. Meet Cami Chickonoski, the most amazing squad leader. She is gifted as an encourager and brings the best out of everyone she leads. She is transparent, humble and confident in the Lord. She allows Him to lead her in all she does and isn’t afraid to obey His voice no matter the cost! Just wanted to include you baby in that amazing line up of powerful women!

  2. I second that! To Cami, gifted in leadership! A powerhouse for the Lord! Love you both!

  3. What great introduction for mighty tough gals miss you Cami love you bless the squats keep it going loved thoughts on the Gospel of matthew

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