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Hello from Jaco! 

This month we are serving a ministry called Ocean’s Edge and have been participating in various city clean up projects with the hope of adding restoration, color and most of all, joy and love to the heart of Jaco!A big project we have been working on is painting a giant mural in the main Jaco park. Our host Hannah, put together a team of h-squad people who are especially gifted in the arts to design the mural. Then we came in and cleaned and primed the walls. Then the artists sketched the design and now we are in the process of painting the giant 100ish yard wall and rolling with it when kids decide my face is a mural instead of the wall!

Our host Hannah is absolutely INCREDIBLE and has quickly become a mentor to me and my co’s. A true hero! She runs Ocean’s Edge while balancing her full time job as the director of Remax Costa Rica. Yes she is in charge of Remax for all of Costa Rica!! WILD. She is a hard worker who has incredible favor on her life and God has truly blessed the work of her hands.

It is cool to see the way Hannah bridges the gap between her full time work and her full time ministry. She truly embodies the ‘ministry is life, life is ministry’ motto! Because of this, our Jaco teams got the opportunity to partner with Remax for this big park mural project. We hosted a large event in the park where we invited locals to help paint with us and we choreographed a big flash mob with the intentions of making a fun promo video that would be blasted out to all world Remax leaders in order to launch their #REMAXGiveLove campaign. 

It is crazy to think that a service project we participated in has been sent WORLD WIDE to all of the different country Remax leaders. My prayer is that the joy and love we hope to have brought to this small Jaco park would spread like wildfire to every country whose Remax leader viewed the video! Check out the video below.

Thanks, God for open doors and for all of the different types of ministry we have participated in this month. Thanks for all of the ways you have moved and worked this month in Jaco! Thanks for the supporters who read my blogs and I pray that they would feel the same joy and love that we have been praying over Jaco! 


Until next time, 



  1. Wow so fun! What a sweet project for the community and a cool experience to know y’all’s work will be shared with the WORLD!

  2. I read this to Bella so she can have an update and when I said “Until next time, Cam” she said “It’s not Cam, it’s Bear Bear!” We miss you! And will need the next one to end with Bear Bear! Love you! So proud! You’re the best!!!

  3. Amazing! It reminds me of your vision of sharing seeds everywhere you go! Now remax is sharing them for you! Love that!

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